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Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

Home design ideas, tips, about the contractors and my DIY projects

04/11/2016 From Overblog

Remodeling A Kitchen - A Look Back

You should know that you aren't the first individual in the nation that has the goal of remodeling a kitchen. In...

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04/08/2016 From Overblog

Expand The Comfort Zone

CREATE AN AIR-TIGHT HOME Spray Foam Insulation Minimizes Drafts Air infiltration accounts for up to 40 percent...

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03/18/2016 From Overblog

Home Appliance Repair Tips You Can Use

Appliances are built for performance, but sometimes, even the best home appliances experience hiccups. In this...

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03/06/2016 From Overblog

Replacement Or Repair – Look At More Than Garage Door Prices

Garage door prices are going to vary substantially based on many factors. These factors may be on your mind as...

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