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Replacement Or Repair – Look At More Than Garage Door Prices

Replacement Or Repair – Look At More Than Garage Door Prices

Garage door prices are going to vary substantially based on many factors. These factors may be on your mind as you try to make a decision about whether to replace your existing garage door or whether you should simply try to repair it. Let’s look a bit closer at the issue. Garage door prices may be on your mind but there are other things to consider as well as the cost of replacement or repair.

Garage Door Safety

Safety is a priority when it comes to your home in general and this should apply to your garage door. You want to know that you can safely open and / or close the door without worrying about safety. A garage door that has the potential to fall down when it is left open is a serious danger to people and belongings. It could fall on someone or it could also fall on your vehicle --- causing damage.

A garage door that can’t be locked is also a safety concern. Your garage may be used to keep your car dry but it also protects your car from being vandalized or stolen. There are also going to be expensive and valuable items in most garages that could be taken if the garage doesn’t lock properly.


What do you use your garage for? If you use it often, you’ll want easy access and investing in a door that is easy to open and close is a good idea. You may also want a degree of natural light in your garage so it’s wise to buy a garage door with windows. If you’re not buying a new garage, you might consider buying garage door window inserts.

If the garage door is broken, it’s not going to be as easy for you to use it on a regular basis so repairing or replacing as soon as possible will make your life easier.

Curb Appeal

Some replacements are done because of a need for a fix that turns out to be costly. Sometimes you want to upgrade the garage door to increase the attractiveness or curb appeal of the home. Painting the garage might be nice but you may also decide to buy a new garage door to freshen up the look as well as add functionality to the house with a garage door opener or new roller garage door.


How do you decide if you should fix or replace it? Look at the costs and look at the functionality of the garage. If it’s a simple correction that could make a big difference to your ability to use the door easily and safely, that might be fine. It could be that you need to have the garage door torsion springs replaced or learn how to replace garage door cables. You may look at your options and decide it makes perfect sense to simply buy and install a brand new door even if the garage door prices are higher than you anticipated. Carefully weigh your options and you’ll find a solution that best suits your needs.

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Sarah Smith 07/07/2016 19:42

I'm planning on replacing my garage door. Thanks for the advice about usability and how you want to be able to get into the garage easily. Now I just need to find a company to help me pick out and install my new garage door.

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